Transport Taxi Marrakech Essaouira

How will you choose your transportation company from Marrakech airport to other Moroccan cities? In fact, in Morocco as in

other countries, there are different types of public transport and there is also a private transport service that provides a private transfer from the airport to the hotel or other Moroccan cities. If you are looking for cheaper transportation you must first be patient enough, then starting your journey with the Moroccan public transport. There is only one bus station in Marrakech and there are also two companies offering public transport to Essaouira with independent stations. So after we got to know the three bus stations in Marrakech,there is also a small station of taxis located near the bus station Getting to one of the bus stations from Marrakech airport this means that you’ll need to wait to catch the Marrakech city bus that will take you near one of the bus stations: The city bus at the Menara airport is not a direct shuttle.

It is a regular city bus with many stops and it Costs about 2 euros. If you are very lucky you will catch the bus after a few minutes of waiting but if you are unlucky you should wait over one hour. So if you are making plans expect 45 minutes to more than one hour. You can also have a taxi from the airport to your bus station But before you ride the taxis you must negotiate the price of your destination the same thing when you want to book a taxi in Essaouira.

The effective solution to transport you from Marrakech airport to Essaouira exists now with all this development in the world at the level of internet and phone. Morocco started with a type of transport especially for tourists using a private transfer with a modern & air-conditioned vehicles with driver and Door to door service.

Allotaxiessaouira is a leading private Taxi Service provider company between Marrakech and Essaouira provide private taxi transfers in very affordable prices with drivers highly experienced about the road safety rules and also we have a variety of choices for the taxi and minivan to choose from Allotaxiessaouira. Our mission is to provide the best taxi services from Marrakech airport to Essaouira and the area. We believe in satisfying our client and give great value to customer money and time. That’s why we provide secure and safe travel services that are highly reliable and known for their timely execution.

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