The Difference Between Drivers and Guides in Essaouira

Guides and Drivers are different jobs even they working together with tourism in Morocco because to
be a guides licences are required, which means drivers can not be a tourist guide, because to be an official guide in Morocco is quite complicated, as it requires a high level of education and proficiency in several languages.01This means that your Moroccan guide is sure to be well informed about his country or City be sure that some guides are better than others but if you met a national guide with an official badge you have to be sure that you will not encounter any problems.

you will meet many people inside the medinas, or at the entrances of the Old City, asking if you would like a guide Almost of these people asking if you would like a guide they are unofficial guides, so they do not have the permission as a tourists guide and most national guides are busy at reservations work with Major Travel Companies.

if you met with a person without a sign guide who say I’m an official guide if you would like to do a turn in the city, you can ask him if you don’t see any sign of guide, because normally they should have a sign of national guide in morocco with small pictures
You have to be careful if you are with an unofficial guide because maybe he is not a man of trust in the case that you will be taken to shops and pressured into buying things, Even he says the small tour is free but the money will be requested at the end.
the tourist police of the city are quite strict about these categories of guide, because it gives a bad image for tourism in Morocco and tourism is very important for the moment that’s why every Moroccans people even he is unofficial guide or not found to be with tourists, he will be taken to the police station. For this reason, some unofficial guide telling you to make a small distance between him for to be separated as you are not together.

Drivers cannot act as unofficial guides.

For these reasons, it is not possible for our taxi Essaouira drivers to act as unofficial guides during your trip. We love to talk about history and Morocco when within the confines of the vehicle, but we cannot risk showing you around on foot because it is against regulations and could have big consequences. Therefore, it is always necessary to hire an official guide if you would like to be shown around on foot by a local person.

If you are booking Morocco transport or a Morocco tour, you should check if the guide is included in the price, and shouldn’t assume that the driver will act as a guide for you. In our case, the guides are not included in any of our prices but can be added as an optional extra on the booking page. The reason we do that is that some people prefer to travel independently, although hiring an official guide for many is the best way to learn and see everything in a short space of time (like on a day trip for example).

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